High bay storage system for the finished goods

Ramseier Suisse AG, CH-Sursee

The RAMSEIER Suisse AG is a leading producer of fruit and fruit drinks with production sites in Sursee, Hochdorf, Kiesen and Elm and carries the three brands RAMSEIER, SINALCO and ELMER. Today, the RAMSEIER Suisse AG employs around 300 people in whole Switzerland. With the CHF 20 million francs expensive new construction in Sursee, RAMSEIER puts a clear regional character.


The heart is a fully automated high bay storage system; for this purpose the Gilgen Logistics was hired as the general contractor . The scope of delivery include the complete delivery of the logistical systems of the new building including the bearing cover (frame plant in silo design) with roof and facade, the 5 stacker cranes with channel vehicles, the automatic pallet conveying system, the WMS and material flow system, as well as the delivery of the 5 loading ramps.

Logistics solution

The new logistics centre and production plant are separated by the cantonal road. The finished produced and palletized drinks, that were previously filled in the production area, are transported via the automatic pallet conveying system over a 31 m long footbridge to the storage feed area. The warehouse contains a picking tunnel with 148 picking places. Here the employees, guided by pick-by-voice, assemble the customer orders to delivery units on pallets. Up to the disposal the pallets are stored in the high bay storage. After the release of the order, the customer orders are automatically removed out and are delivered via an elevator and conveyor systems to the 17 gravity roller conveyors in the output area. To provide that the pallets are in the correct loading sequence, a tour is already built in the storage area. The correct load order is displayed on the screens in the output area. The WMS, which is connected via an interface with the ERP system SAP R3, takes over the entire material flow coordination in the logistics center.

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Automatisches Lager Ramseier Suisse AG Layout

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