Tray conveying system ans small-sparts elevators

Cantonal Hospital, CH-Olten

The Cantonal Hospital Olten is a modern, progressive centre and training hospital. It is responsible for the extended basic care of the approx. 100’000 inhabitants of the region Olten.


The sterile areas in the operating rooms and the dirty areas in the basement of the building should be connected with small parts elevators (point-point one-way connection). The conveying system should be suitable for sterile boxes, euro containers as well as skeleton boxes.

Logistics solution

The small parts elevators takes over the vertical transport between various zones and floors of the building. The elevator "Disposal" serves as a one-way connection between the area cleaning/disposal (1st floor) and the area washing/sorting/sterilization (1st basement).

The elevator "Supply" serves as a one-way connection between the reloading Point (1st basement) and the storage of sterile goods/operating room (1st floor), as well as a one-way connection of the storage of sterile goods (1st floor) and packing Zone (1st basement) for the transport of sterile goods.

The two high speed elevators are in the daily use and connect heights of 12 m to 26 m.

Movie Hospital Olten

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