Automatic High Bay Storage System

Bösch KG, Clime, Heating and Cleaning Technology, A-Lustenau

Since 1990 the Bösch KG, the specialist for clime, heating and cleaning technology, owns two headquarters in Lustenau. With the extension builing the two locations were joined together and became to the industrial location of Vorarlberg.


The following requirements were demanded: - Enlargement of the space and increase of production and storage capacities / - Concentration of all, at present still at different locations in Lustenau, distributed storage and centralization of the administration / - Optimization of the operational structuring / - Creation of most modern jobs and new communication structures.

Logistics solution

With the automatic high-bay-storage-system with 3 stacker cranes for 3'900 pallet places, 1 stacker crane for long goods for 208 tablet places and 1 small-parts storage system for 6'600 places for trays, the pallet conveying system with 2 AGV and the tray conveying system, the production and storage capacity could be increased and the direct distribution of the site Lustenau could be realized.

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