Conveyor systems for roll containers

Simple and flexible transport for roll containers & combined systems

Roll containers are often used today when various items such as loose goods, packages, bags and containers are to be picked and delivered to respective branch locations. Intermediate storage for empty roll containers uses a lot of space, which can be better used for other purposes.

Here we offer a specially developed technology with toothed belts. The roll containers are deposited onto the conveyor equipment either manually or by forklift and sent to an automatic interim storage unit. Such storage unit systems can also be installed on platforms. As a result, no valuable handling space is occupied.

Combined transport for roll containers and pallets

  • With our combination conveyor system we can transport roll containers and pallets on the same system (roll containers up to 500 kg, pallets up to 1,000 kg)
  • All the functional elements for the roll container technology are also available in the combination technology.
  • Ergonomic and time-efficient infeed station of up to three picked roll containers directly from forklift truck or order picking vehicle.


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Advantages of the system

  • Robust and low-maintenance elements for gentle transport of roll containers (toothed belt conveyors) up to 500 kg
  • Buffers for empty roll containers can be installed on platforms so that no valuable handling space is occupied
  • The roll containers are delivered just-in-time to the picking and delivery process
  • Overview of the empty roll containers available
  • Controlled transport of full roll containers increases efficiency and readiness to deliver
  • The technical design of these conveyor systems is also very well suited for use in the food-stuffs sector

Tried-and-trusted conveying elements are used:

  • Infeed / output conveyors
  • Toothed belt conveyors / combination conveyors
  • Turntables / lifting turntable
  • Swivel tables / diverter
  • Curves
  • Shift units / shuttle cars
  • Lifting transfer / elevator
Conveying systems for roll containers / Combi


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