Libraries & archives

The libraries and archives are adapted to the current requirements of the scientific work of the 21st century and be designed for a 24-hour operation over 365-days.

To relieve the staff of manual transport tasks and to accelerate the transport operations of the media inside the building, to reduce the waiting times and to make the media quickly available for users, modern RFID controlled conveyor and storage systems are installed. With this support, the libraries and archives can respond flexibly to different performance peaks.

The conveying system for media are essentially characterised by their ease of use, the ergonomics, the low noise and the reliability.


Further product information

Medien Center / Download conveying and storage systems

Automatic media / file conveying system

These automatic conveying systems enable and assist in-house transport of books, media and files, responding flexibly to various capacity peaks.

24-hr media return and automatic sorting

Automatic 24-hr return machines enable easy and fast return of media even outside opening hours. In combination with return terminals, automatic sorting systems enable efficient presorting of returned media.

Intermediate storage of media / External book towers

Media with a high frequency of use can be stored in intermediate buffers. External books towers and storage stacks are suited for long-term storage of files and media.

Libraries / Archives


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