Hospitals & laboratories

Hospital logistics

For patients well-being and recovery, not only is qualified medical care of great importance, but also up-to-date surroundings with modern infrastructure. Excellence is demanded from individuals working in hospitals, which it is necessary to support with their external setting, including intralogistics.

Laboratory logistics

Appropriate infrastructure is needed for structured working in a modern laboratory. Work in processes and procedures is supported by automatic goods conveying systems, which efficiently link up the various individual work and laboratory areas. New solutions are demanded of laboratory logistics by the centralisation of subareas, such as central autoclaving, cleaning and sterilisation areas and centralised sample distribution.


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Container conveying systems / Automatic goods conveying systems mecom®

The container conveyor system mecom® is used to fully automatically convey goods (such as pharmaceutical products, x-ray films, laboratory samples, etc.) between the various buildings and floors in standard containers or in sterile goods containers.

Small parts storage unit / Compact storage unit

In automatic small parts storage units, the containers can be stored quickly, flexibly, inexpensively, fully automatically and taken out of store just-in-time to the desired Destination.

Hospitals / Laboratories


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