Post Logistics

Conveyor systems and storage systems solve internal transport, distribution and storage tasks. The emphasis here is on fast processing and gentle transport at modern postal distribution centres (parcel centres and letter centres). Their economic efficiency and superior technology mean our systems can offer customised solutions on a case-to-case basis.

Consisting of modular elements, the various systems can be combined however desired, employing a modular design approach. They are extremely economical, robust, low in noise and are therefore particularly suitable for rough use in everyday postal operations.


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Conveying systems for trays and unit loads mecom®

The automatic tray and unit load conveyor system mecom® transports, sorts, distributes, stacks, stores and picks material to be conveyed horizontally and vertically.

Conveying and storage systems for roll containers

The automatic conveyor and storage system transports, sorts and distributes the roll containers. The empty roll containers are temporarily stored in buffers and, when required, automatically supplied to the picking areas.

Conveying and storage systems for pallets

Our pallet conveyor system provides logistics solutions for simple and complex material flows. Whether horizontal or vertical, these systems transport pallets up to 1,500 kg.

Overhead conveying system for mailbags

The overhead conveyor system transports, stores and sorts mailbags up to 50 kg.



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