Conveyor systems for boxes and trays mecom®

Fast and safe conveyor systems for trays and unit loads

High customer requirements for readiness to deliver and availability call for new logistics concepts. The conveying systems mecom® effectively implements logistics solutions for both simple and complex material flows.

Modularly structured elements transport, sort, distribute, stack, store and pick the goods to be conveyed, in each case guaranteeing process-oriented execution.

Our optimally designed standard system elements, such as belt transfers, diverters, turntable transfers, etc. are suited for horizontal transport.

Vertical connections often form the nodes of a system. For high capacity requirements, our elevators, lifts or paternosters provide a perfect solution. Floors can be connected to one another up to a height of 70 m.

Together with you, we analyse the process steps at your facility, so that the conveying and picking systems used are tailored to your needs.


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Advantages of the system

  • The high-performance conveyor system is suitable for trays, packages and unit loads up to 50 kg
  • Faster, more reliable and extremely gentle transport
  • Field-proven, modularly structured standard elements transport, sort, distribute, stack, store and pick the goods to be conveyed
  • Systems that are optimally geared to one another for the performance required
  • Vertical connections with high-performance elements, such as lifts, elevators and paternoster lifts
  • High availability and readiness to deliver
  • Ergonomically planned workplaces provide maximum comfort
  • Systems for administrative areas (very quiet running, design)
  • Conveying elements and conveyor systems that meet international safety regulations
  • We ensure good value for money, low life-cycle costs and our comprehensive services

Tried-and-trusted conveying elements are used:

  • Belt conveyors / belt curves
  • Roller conveyors / roller curves
  • Accumulation roller conveyors, low-pressure accumulation / zero-pressure accumulation
  • Gravity roller conveyors
  •  45° / 90° curve roller conveyors
  • 90° / 180° belt transfers
  • Ascending / tilted conveyors
  • Inward / outward transfers
  • Corner transfers / elevating transfers / turntable transfers
  • Small goods lifts
  • Elevators S/C design / standard lifts / paternoster lifts
Conveying systems for trays


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