Retrofit & system modernisation

Retrofitting your future

The dynamic nature of technology is a common driving force behind change. However, it usually takes foreseeable process changes or even known bottlenecks to actually update a logistics system. This includes: 

  • Technical obsolescence
  • Usage-related wear and tear
  • Outdated functionality

Even well-designed systems and warehouses cannot keep pace with new requirements. While the mechanical parts of older systems are often still in good working order, the control hardware as well as the drive mechanisms and sensors may no longer be state of the art. This is why modernisation steps are frequently considered solely for the control and drive Areas.

The desire to avoid interrupting production or bringing down the whole system tends to cause excessive procrastination prior to refurbishment. The susceptibility to failure increases while efficiency declines. The potential for optimising the workflow goes unexploited over long periods of time.

Competitive benefits for your company

Retrofitting your systems has the following benefits, depending on the equipment and level of modernisation:

  • Increased availability and functional reliability
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved performance
  • Functional adaptation to current requirements
  • More convenient operation and visualisation
  • Personal safety in compliance with regulations
  • Improved networking and remote diagnostic capabilities
  • Guaranteed spare parts availability

The core areas of expertise

We make use of the following core areas of expertise to create the desired competitive benefits for your company:

  • Consulting, planning, engineering
  • Mechanical adaptation and new developments
  • Adaptation to control hardware/software and warehouse management systems
  • Installation and integration of new or existing system components
  • Coordination with other areas

Basis for a retrofit concept

Retrofit / System Modernisation


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