Conveyor systems for pallets / Pallet conveyor systems

Gentle and reliable conveyor system for pallets

The new-generation of the standardized pallet conveyor elements, developed and manufactured by Gilgen, offer efficient, safe and economical transport of goods and materials.

The modular design of the components and the energy-saving, frequency-controlled drive technology enable flexible, in-house transport of EURO pallets, half pallets and plastic pallets with a payload of up to 1,500 kg.

The identification and testing of the pallets contributes to a high degree to the reliability of the systems. The pallets are checked for weight, foot clearance control, hanging down running boards, pallet deflection control, as well as displaced or oversized loads. Thus, disturbances in the automatic conveyor and storage facilities can be avoided.

The robust and low-maintenance conveyor technology offers high delivery quality and reliability of the supply chain in the overall system and guarantees the gentle transport with high availability.

With this system technology, high-performance shuttle cars are used with one or multiple-place conveyors. With conveying speeds up to 3 m/s and intelligent electronics, high capacity requirements are met in an optimal fashion.

Two lift concepts are available for vertical transport of pallets over multiple floors: electromechanical or hydraulic.


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Advantages of the system

  • Robust, simple and low-maintenance elements for gentle transport of pallets and lattice boxes (roller and chain conveyors) up to 1,500 kg
  • Modular system elements join together to form complete systems
  • High-performance shuttle cars for increased requirements
  • Powerful vertical connections such as lifts and elevators
  • Reliable elements with very high availability
  • Conveying elements and conveyor systems that meet international safety regulation

Tried-and-trusted conveying elements are used:

  • Infeed / output conveyors (standard, floor-level, with lift)
  • Chain conveyor (longitudinal / transverse transport)
  • Roller conveyors / gravity roller conveyors
  • Turntables / traversing unit / turntable
  • Shuttle car / transfer carriages
  • Pallet lift /elevator
  • Pallet storage unit / pallet warehouse
  • Further System elements
    Input-lifting stations, automatic pallet removal units and loading elements guaranteeing gentle transport of goods
Conveying systems for pallets


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