Overhead Conveying System / Tray Conveying System / Roll container unloading system for trays

China Post, Mail Center, Guangzhou, China

Also over 1.2 billion inhabitants China has naturally an enormous mail volume.  Which was missing so far however, are modern Postal Centres with a high degree of automation for logistics systems. In the existing, relatively old Postal Centres the mail processing with much personnel application is made. In the south of China, in Guangzhou, in the province Guangdong, began the modernization in the year 1999.


Following the modern European Postal Mail Handling Centres one planned a new Postal Centre in Guangzhou, which is equipped with logistics systems on the newest status of the technology. Since in China the know-how in Postal Automation not yet as far as progressed as in Europe, China Post as a customer decided to import the complex logistics systems by the majority from Europe.

Logistics solution

The overhead conveying system licom-l® in linear motor technology transports, sorts, buffers and distributes the mailbags to the different destinations. On a total track length of 1.2 km, 350 trolleys with bag clamps take over this function.

Trucks or lorries supply roll containers filled with letter trays directly to the Postal Centre.  At three automatic unloading stations the trays in the roll container are unloaded automatically by a portal robot.

The trays with letters or flats unloaded from the roll container are sent over vertical conveyors into a temporary buffer line from that the trays afterwards the letter-, flat-, or to periodical sorter to be supplied. The tray conveying system consists of 1,1 km of track with high performed belt and roller conveyors such as 11 vertical S-conveyors with a capacity of 1600 trays/h.

Postzentrum China Post Layout

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