Reference Movies

Conveyor system for roll containers

Coop CH-Aclens

High bay storage system

RAMSEIER Suisse AG, CH-Sursee

Book transport system

University Library D-Tübingen

High bay storage system


Conveyor system for roll containers and loose mail

Swiss Post, CH-Härkingen, Mülligen, Eclépens

Conveyor system for parcels

Swiss Post, CH-Daillens, Härkingen, Frauenfeld

Small parts warehouse

Orior Menu AG, Le Patron, CH-Böckten

Automatic luggage locker system

Deutsche Bahn AG, D-Köln

Conveyor system for trays

Cantonal Hospital CH-Olten

Overhead conveyor system

SALM, F-Lièpvre and D-Türkismühle