The beverage industry places high demands on the material flow and new logistics concepts. Large turnover figures and seasonal peaks, heavy and sensitive loads, sometimes with strict regulations regarding hygiene and temperature.

Our conveyor and storage systems effectively implement logistics solutions for both simple and complex material flows. Modularly structured elements transport, sort, distribute, stack, store and pick the goods to be conveyed (trays, containers, unit loads, cardboard boxes, roll containers and pallets), in each case guaranteeing a solution adapted to the processes.

Merging materials or articles to fulfil orders is a key and labour-intensive process in production and distribution systems. Our broad product range allows industry-specific overall solutions for automated warehouses and distribution centres.


Further product information

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Conveying systems for pallets

Our pallet conveying system provides logistics solutions for simple and complex material flows. Whether horizontal or vertical, these systems transport pallets up to 1,500 kg.

Conveying systems for roll containers & combined transport

Roll containers are often used today when various items such as loose goods, packages, bags and containers are to be picked and delivered to respective branch locations. The roll containers are deposited onto the conveyor system either manually or by forklift and sent to an automatic interim storage unit.

With our combination conveyor system we can transport roll containers and pallets on the same system.

Automatic pallet warehouse / high-bay storage systems / stacker cranes

These standardised storage and stacker cranes are functional and economically efficient. Whether single- or double-masted, aisle-bound or aisle switchable version; the ideal device is available for any application.



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