Automated device and retrieval systems / High-bay warehouse

Industry-specific solutions for high-bay warehouses & automated storage systems

Advantages of the system

  • Mobility, functionality and economic efficiency for pallet transport and storage
  • Storage and retrieval stacker crane in the versions: - aisle-bound / - aisle switchable
  • Single- and double-masted stacker crane, depending on the application needs
  • Single- , double- or multiple-deep storage for increasing picking and inventory turnover performance
  • Speed when travelling: up to 3 m/s, and when lifting 1-2 m/s acceleration / deceleration to 1 m/s2
  • Short approach dimensions
  • Newest energy and security concept after EN ISO13849-1
  • Sturdy construction, no subsequent swaying, durable
  • All elements to be serviced are at the bottom of the device

Overview Gilgen Stacker Cranes

Stacker crane
RBG 0120 k+w
Stacker crane
RBG 0122
Stacker crane
RBG 0130
Stacker crane
RBG 0420 - Shuttle vehicle
Stacker crane
RBG 0430
Stacker crane
RBG 0435
Stacker crane
RBG 0440 - Shuttle vehicle
High-bay storage systems