Automatic high bay storage systems - Yarn / Raw material

Getzner Textil AG, A-Bludenz

The family-owned company Getzner Textil AG with its headquartered in Bludenz/Austria, was founded in 1818. Today, the textile company has 720 employees at the site of Bludenz. The Getzner Textil AG is known as supplier of high-quality clothing damasks for the West African market and fashion fabrics for shirts and blouses.


With the new logistics facility the throughput times in the yarn store and raw material storage should be kept to a minimum. Thus the Getzner Textil AG wants to create a competitive advantage in a market where speed is a determining factor for success.

Logistics solution

Storage system for yarn - In 2002 together with Getzner Textil AG the Gilgen Logistics realized a new logistics concept, which consists of a fully automatic high bay storage system with two stacker cranes, not aisles bound, and the specific soft-/hardware. With this new storage system the throughput time was limited on a minimum.

Storage system for raw material - In 2011 the Gilgen Logistics was assigned for the new building of a high bay storage system for raw material. The system consists of a high bay stacker crane, double mast aisle bound, the pallet rack, the conveying system for palettes with the incoming/outgoing stations, commissioning area, Warehouse Management System WMS and visualization and the annual maintenance.

Palettenlager Getzner AG Layout

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