High-bay storage system

Kunststoff Schwanden AG, CH-Schwanden

The Kunststoff Schwanden AG (KSAG) is a top-modern, internationally successful high-tech enterprise. Our approximately five hundred employees develop and produce complex components and systems for well-known companies all over the world.

Logistics is very important for the KSAG. The customers are able to have direct access to the data and are always informed about the production progress and inventory. The client specific packaging’s are stored in the automatic high-bay storage system with approx. 18’000 pallet spaces. This guarantees an optimal logistics and punctual supplies to the customers.


Until now KSAG operated the warehouse with 12 stacker cranes of the 3rd generation; 3 manual stackers and 9 fully automatic stackers. The 12 aisles were served by a double shuttle car.

To increase the storage capacity and the performance in the high-bay storage warehouse, the Gilgen Logistics was commissioned for the delivery of 3 double-deep stacker cranes. Simultaneously a new material and warehouse management system should be introduced. The area in the shipping / receiving and the loading zone had to be doubled.

Logistics solution

The 3 new double-deep stacker cranes, the shuttle car and the new loading zone were taken in operation. At the same time the material and warehouse management system have been implemented with visualization and the new LVS PSIwms.

Throughout the expansion and retrofit of the systems had to be ensured that the KSAG could deliver their customers in the usual quality and just-in-time. This requirement caused a expansion in several stages.

Palettenlager Kunststoff Schwanden AG Layout

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