Combi and roll container conveying system

Pistor AG, CH-Rothenburg

Pistor was founded in 1916 as a purchasing cooperative for bakers and pastry makers in Switzerland. Today Pistor is the leading trading company for the bakery/pastry making/confectionery sector and a major wholesaler in Catering. It stocks around 7’000 items at its head office in CH-Rothenburg. Pistor customers benefit from a comprehensive and specialized range of products for the bakery, catering, café, restaurant and retail areas.


In 2005 an storage hall for empty roll containers and trays was realized at the location in Rothenburg. Already for these logistics systems (conveyor system for roll container, conveyor system for trays, conveyor system for pallets) the Gilgen Logistics AG was assigned.

In 2009 Pistor intended to provide a new automatic high-bay storage system. The new building west “WUZ” should be used for normal goods (incoming foods, storage, commissioning, outgoing goods). By the end of March 2009 the Gilgen Logistics was assigned for the delivery of the combi and roll container conveying system.

Logistics solution

The new building serves as an empties management centre. All customer returns (trays, roll containers, pallets) are stored and sorted by the automatical conveying systems. The cleaned trays, containers or pallets are returned via a gangway to the distribution process in the main building. If there is no order of the trays and roll containers, they are stored in an temporary buffer. Just-in-time the trays and roll containers are conveyed to the commissioning areas.

Logistikzentrum Pistor AG Layout

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