Automatic luggage locker system

Deutsche Bahn AG

Passenger stations around the world harbour substantial potential for modernisation. All current redesigns are giving to understand a contemporary development away from purely a transportation hub towards “a world of experiences at the station”.


Customer-friendly design is, of course, an important feature of the shopping arcades. Customary locker systems require important retail floor space in such shopping arcades. When all the lower lockers are taken, heavy pieces of luggage have to be put in above one’s head.

Logistics solution

The solution to this is the automatic luggage locker systems, underground luggage storage sites with attractive luggage terminals in railway station shopping arcades. These compact luggage terminals can be placed directly in the flow of visitors to such shopping arcades. With their attractive design made of high-quality materials, they are appealing as places to store luggage. Beneath the surface, state-of-the-art technology lies concealed. Customers can use menu prompts to select between four different languages.

Vertical lifts convey the luggage in a luggage container from the terminal into an underground storage level. In the storage unit, high-performance shuttles take on the luggage containers and take them to their individual spots in storage aisles on various levels. The higher-level warehouse management system organises the storage unit, doing so in an optimised fashion in terms of route and time.

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