Small good elevators

LMZ Dr Risch Gruppe, FL-Vaduz

The LMZ Dr Risch Group operates in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in 12 medical laboratories and 7 outpatient clinics. In Vaduz, they created the new headquarters with administrative workplaces, a medical laboratory and a data center.


The 14-year-old laboratory building in Schaan no longer satisfied the space requirement and the production conditions. With the new building in Vaduz, the LMZ Dr Risch pursued the goal of optimally coordinating the various movements of persons and flows of goods. The building had to meet all the regulatory requirements of a medical laboratory. The Axalo Competence Center for Real Estate AG was commissioned by the client to undertake the complete preparation of all structurally relevant aspects such as variant studies, deadlines and costs, and the negotiations with the project partners involved in the project.

Logistics solution

For the new building, Gilgen Logistics was commissioned to supply a small goods elevator. This one is used to distribute the transport containers, which are delivered on the ground floor from external locations, on four floors. The empty containers are transported back into the ground floor in the evening. The targets of the containers are carried out directly with a coding template on the individual container. The container is loaded into the elevator in the FIFO system. The destination of the container is read automatically during the loading process.

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