Overhead Conveying System

Société Alsacienne de Meubles / Cuisine Schmidt

The Cuisine Schmidt and the Schmidt Küchen belong to the parent company SALM Group France (turnover: € 220 million, 1'200 employees). For about 3'100 elements leave the three new production sites (F-Lièpvre / F-Sélestat / D-Türkismühle), what corresponds to 500 complete kitchens/per day.


The requirements of the project were already clearly defined in advance: - the utmost care in dealing with the fronts, no damage by the automatic handling system - capacity of the system should enable 640 fronts for the storage and retrieval capacity per hour / - up to 15'000 different products. For this a overhead conveying system / special system was developed by the Gilgen Logistics.

Logistics solution

A variety of intelligent trolleys move independently on the system. In the incoming area, employees place the kitchen fronts, which are marked with a bar code, on the conveyor system. After the processing, the fronts are automatically measured, vertically placed and then picked up by a trolley. Defective parts are conveyed on a waiting position, where they can be removed.

Over a system of deflectors and lifts, the trolleys are conveyed to the high-bay warehouse. The pre-located lifts can carry three trolleys at the same time and convey the fronts to the appropriate levels. In the high-bay storage system up to 30’000 fronts can be stored. The warehouse is like a "juke box" and at any time, the customer has access to each type of front. The buffer consists of 9 lanes on 5 levels with each 666 places. The storage is divided into several sectors (length of the fronts). On request, the trolleys remove the fronts out of the storage and place them horizontally in the outgoing area. Just-in-time they are passed to the production robots, where the holes for fittings, handles, etc. are made.

Hängebahnsystem SALM Layout

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