Retrofit of the high-bay warehouse and conveyor system

Kolma AG, CH-Wabern b. Bern

KOLMA AG is an independent, owner-managed company mainly active in Switzerland.

Since 1960, KOLMA AG has been developing and producing high-quality plastic office products in Bern.


In 2002 Gilgen Logistics was commissioned to implement all intralogistics. The objectives of the new plant and renovation were the creation of new areas for warehousing and production and the optimization of long and complicated transport routes for raw material and finished products.

In order to increase the availability of the intralogistics system, which has become significantly worse over the years and to ensure the spare parts management for the next years, a modernization in and around the automatic HRL became inevitable.

Logistics solution

For this, Gilgen Logistics was commissioned to provide retrofits for the AGV, as well as for the stacker crane and one pallet lift. The AGV was partially renewed. To prevent a longer downtime of the pallet lift, all components have been replaced by today's technologies.

A possibly standstill of the storage and retrieval machine should be prevented by replacing all obsolete components with today's technology and new software. Functionality and performance of the stacker crane were preserved.


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