Corporate Policy & Quality Management

Common values & excellent quality

Customer orientation and market performance

Gilgen Logistics AG is a major, international manufacturer of complete logistics systems for industrial, commercial and services businesses of all kinds. We realise turnkey systems on a one-stop basis, primarily using our own hardware and software components. We support our customers with fast and competent customer service. We invest particularly in employees, products, and market organisations.

Employee and personnel development

We support and promote targeted further education of our employees to improve their qualification and increase expertise in serving our customers and our competitiveness. All our employees are involved in continuous improvement processes, with teamwork being cultivated across hierarchical boundaries. They exercise responsibility for their personal work through self-examination.

Leadership and support

We cultivate a style of leadership based on partnership, and, through goal-oriented leadership, encourage our employees to use their own initiative, taking care to strike a balance between tasks, responsibility and competencies. The managerial staffs are upholders of our company culture, supporting employees by performing their role-model function.

Mastery and improvement of processes

Quality is achieved by mastering processes. The efficiency of each process is reviewed periodically by setting goals and metrics. Based on the performance indicators collected, the results are analysed and improvement targets continually set (continuous improvement).

Business contacts based on partnership

With our suppliers, we strive for cooperation that is both based on partnership and lasting. In relations with our financial partners and shareholders, we maintain open and trusting communication. We look upon our business partners as an important part of our process of improvement and further development.

The environment and safety

We perform our responsibility regarding the environment and safety by ensuring compliance with the relevant requirements and regulations. Our natural resources we procure selectively, use consciously and dispose of according to recycling principles when possible.

The company's professional competence has been confirmed by the internationally recognized quality assurance certification, ISO 9001:2015.

SQS Certificate / IQ-Net