Conveying systems for parcels

Ergonomic and reliable conveying systems for parcels

Conveyor systems and storage systems solve internal transport, distribution and storage tasks. The emphasis here is on fast processing and gentle transport at modern postal distribution centres (parcel centres and letter centres). Consisting of modular elements, the various systems can be combined however desired, employing a modular design approach. They are extremely economical, robust, low in noise and are therefore particularly suitable for rough use in everyday postal operations.

  • Conveying systems for parcels and connection to the parcel sorting machines - The high-performance conveyor system is used to supply parcels onto a parcel sorting machines. Conveyor belts transport the parcels at a speed of over 2 m/s. Cross switch units are used to distribute goods from one conveyor belt to two transport routes, which alternately distribute over 4,500 parcels per hour. In a further step, a merging point merges parcels from two conveyor lines onto one, doing so at a capacity of 7,000 parcels per hour.
  • Horizontal and vertical transport - Horizontal transport is carried on conveyor belts, roller conveyors and accumulation roller conveyors. For changes of direction, a wide variety of elements are available, depending on the requirement. Differences in elevation are realised with S/C conveyors, paternosters and lifts.
  • Tray Unloading Device (TUD): automatic container-emptying device - The mail is automatically sorted by standard and large letter sorting machines in containers. By the TUD the delivered containers are automatically tilted and the letters are ergonomically supplied to the sorting machine. The letters are handled gently, and handling of heavy containers is omitted.

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Advantages of the system

  • The high-performance conveyor system is suitable for trays, parcels and unit loads up to 50 kg
  • We ensure good value for money, low life-cycle costs and our comprehensive services
  • Faster, more reliable and extremely gentle transport
  • Field-proven, modularly structured standard elements transport, sort, distribute, stack, store and pick the goods to be conveyed
  • Systems tailored to performance required
  • High availability and readiness to deliver
  • Ergonomically designed workplaces offer maximum comfort


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