Company & History

In movement for over 50 years

Gilgen Logistics, an international company, is a leading provider of integrated logistic systems for in-house logistics. With 140 employees and a turnover >75 Mio. CHF we develop custom-made complete solutions using in-house products for service providers, retailers and industry, covering the full range from development to implementation.As a general contractor, we offer a broad spectrum of products and services. Our key areas of expertise encompass conveying systems, storage systems, automation, IT solutions, loading systems, special equipment and customer service.

Gilgen Logistics has been in movement for over 50 years. Outstanding personages have shaped our success story as have innovation, partnership, expertise, reliability and product quality – values to which we will also be committed in the future.

Let’s move your Intralogistics together

Board of the Management

Members of the Board of Directors

  • Jakob Gilgen Junior (President)
  • Jakob Gilgen Senior
  • Peter Gilgen
  • Hans-Ulrich Müller

Members of Management

  • Jakob Gilgen
    CEO, Chairman of the Management Board
  • Daniel Gilgen
    Director of System Business, Deputy CEO
  • Adrian Kocher
    Director of Customer Service & Loading Technology
  • Peter Nussbaum
    Director of Finances & Administration (CFO)


Foundation as a one-man operation

As a one-man operation, Jakob Gilgen Sr manufactured the first automatic drives for gates individually and then installed them at his customers’ premises. Today the company has transitioned into its 2nd generation. Jacob Gilgen Jr is the majority shareholder and president of the Board of Directors.

First conveyor system

Realisation of our first conveyor system, an automatic letter-box-emptying system for Swiss Post.

Foundation of the Gilgen Fördersysteme AG & Initial certification by SQS

Founding of Gilgen Fördersysteme AG, a subsidiary of Gilgen Holding AG.

Initial certification by SQS according to ISO 9001.

Foundation of the customer service organisation

Our customer service was founded and developed in CH-Brislach (acquisition of Hugo Fritschi Service AG), and D-Dortmund.

This exhaustive customer service organisation plus worldwide contacts to sales and service partners guarantee optimum customer proximity to this day.

Foundation of the Gilgen Logistics Holding AG

Founding of Gilgen Logistics Holding AG.

Turnkey logistics solution from a single source

Our range of services in the field of automation was expanded with the acquisition of Baertschi Engineering AG, in Suhr.

Gilgen Logistics has thus been able to offer its customers complete logistic systems on a one-stop basis.

Rebranding of Gilgen Logistics AG

Change of the company’s name to Gilgen Logistics AG.

Alliance Member of Blue Competence by VDMA

Gilgen Logistics becomes Alliance Member of Blue Competence. The initiative Blue Competence stands for leadership in innovation and technology for mechanical and plant engineering and construction in the sphere of sustainable solutions.

Since November 2013 participating in Blue Competence, an initiative initiated by the VDMA (German Engineering Association), Gilgen Logistics has for years been increasingly committed to energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics.