Augmented Reality

Faster response times with augmented reality

A pilot project

Conceptual framework

A number of applications already use mixed-reality headsets or smart phones for some basic functions. Live image transmissions have become an economical option. But they are not user-friendly and are rather impractical at the plant, where every hand is needed for work. “An augmented reality solution can satisfy the needs of both the manufacturer and customer,” explains Daniel Fricker, Head of Developments at Gilgen Logistics, and sees numerous application cases: “AR can be used in the development, construction, installation and operation of the system, for example.”

This has the following advantages: Gilgen service technicians can consult a specialist directly if any problems arise, either during the installation, if more detailed documents are needed, with changing ambient conditions or for necessary decisions. The Gilgen service department can assess the situation on site shortly after a support ticket has been received and take appropriate action. A specialist can supervise a complicated repair without having to be there in person. The customer can receive remote support for service work or even carry out repairs on their own by following the specialist’s instructions.

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Augmented reality with the Microsoft HoloLens