Automated book conveying system

University Library, D-Tübingen

Tübingen University Library is one of the three largest libraries in the country with an unbroken tradition dating back to its founding in 1477. The new “Ammerbau” building completed in July 2002 can hold some 1.3 million volumes on 45 running kilometres of bookshelves.


With the enlargement of Tübingen University Library, the former overflow store, which scarcely met the conservational requirements of a book storage facility, was vacated. The new building concept was designed to fulfil the requirements for the operation of a customer-oriented, flexible, multimedia library.

Logistics solution

The logistical concept for the internal book transport is supported by an automated conveyor system. The transport system links both the open stack areas and the reading rooms within the new building as well as the new “Ammerbau” building to the existing storage building across the River Ammer.

Vertical conveyors deal with the automated transport between the floors with up to seven levels. The books are conveyed in plastic containers that can hold up to a maximum of 30 kg. Extra-quiet belt conveyors are used for this purpose. The infeed/delivery stations are designed to be user-friendly and ergonomic.

A possible expansion of the new building has been taken into account, ensuring the library’s capacity for future growth.

Movie UB Tübingen

Automatischer Transport Bücher Medien Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen Layout

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