Planzer logistics centre

Planzer, CH-Penthalaz

The firm of Planzer is Switzerland’s biggest transport company, employing 4,800 people and with a fleet of 1,450 trucks.

Planzer has strengthened its position in intermodal railroad transport with the new rail centre in Penthalaz, which was officially opened at the beginning of 2018.


To enable maximum efficiency in the handling of goods, the building was placed at the end of a new 300-metre section of track that is connected to the SBB network.

There is space for 18 railways trucks on one side of the 232 metre long building and 31 loading ramps for trucks on the other side.

Logistics solution

The 31 loading ramps in combination with doors and door seals, commissioned from Gilgen Logistics, ensure an optimum height adjustment between the new building and the trucks, and guarantee a smooth and safe handling of goods in Planzer’s new logistics centre. Two types of ramp with different heights are in use for the easy handling of trucks or vans.

On the rail link side, Gilgen Logistics supplied 26 sectional doors as well as the track system with the loading platforms for rail loading. Doors from Gilgen were also installed in the parking garage and the neighbouring service building.

The reliable loading ramps and doors were customised to meet Planzer’s requirements with respect to their size and design. Their entire surface has been galvanised to provide effective protection against rust and corrosion. This make them extremely strong and durable.

Gilgen can offer the right solution for every loading situation to ensure efficient loading and unloading in your logistics centre.

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