Monorail coveying system

Xinzheng Cigarette Factory, China

In the Xinzheng Cigarette Factory in Zhengzhou, central China, the tobacco is supplied to the cigarette machines with a high-speed fully automatic monorail conveying system.


The cut tobacco is stored temporarily in silos. On up to 40 meters long conveyors silos, the tobacco is then gradually supplied for subsequent processing. The conveyor silos are in special areas where the temperature and air humidity are precisely regulated. The production machines for the cigarettes are in other air-conditioned areas, which are stationed over 100 meters from the silos.

A cigarette machine produces on average 500'000 cigarettes per hour. To achieve high quality cigarettes, the cut tobacco should be stored as long as possible in the regulated areas and supplied to the machines just before processing.

Logistics solution

These critical factors increase the high requirements for the automatic supply of the tobacco. In the Xinzheng Cigarette Factory they have 24 cigarettes production machines, with each machine processing 7 kilograms of tobacco per minute. In order to meet the complex requirements, a special solution had to be considered.

Based upon our many years of experience with tray and monorail conveying systems / special systems, it was possible combining this elements already used in other applications, to develop a system for this tobacco transportation.

The result for the automatic supplying of tobacco to the production machines is a custom-made "High speed" monorail conveying system.

Monorail Xingzheng Cigarettes Layout

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