Conveyor system for roll containers and pallets

Coop CH-Aclens - Distribution center

Coop is one of the largest retailing group in Switzerland; customer-oriented and organised into five sales regions. Coop operates more than 1’400 sales points and employs a workforce of over 44’000.


After only two years of construction, the distribution center in Aclens could go in operation. That the internal material transport run optimally, two automated pallet conveyors and a conveyor system for roll containers carry their decisive part. Every day 7’500 roll containers for 160 outlet stores are commissioned.

Logistics solution

The empty roll containers are delivered and are manually unloaded. Then they are placed onto the conveyor system and are fully automatically stored into the buffer zone.

The 38 buffer lines, which have together an impressive length of 2 km, are connected to the two shuttle cars, which are situated at the both ends of the buffer zone. Total the buffer zone has place for 3‘420 roll containers. One shuttle car is able to handle 900 roll containers per hour.

With this buffer zone the commissioning hall remains free from shifting traffic and the valuable handling space can be used efficiently. On demand the buffer will forward the roll containers in the right picking and delivery area.

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