Conveyor system for parcels

Swiss Post, Parcel Centers, CH-Daillens, Härkingen, Frauenfeld

The Swiss Post transports approximately 500’000 parcels daily, this are 145 millions parcels per year. The modern parcel centers in CH-Daillens, Härkingen and Frauenfeld are the logistic core of the Post Logistics for parcels. In the centres over 90% of the mail is forwarded fully automatically.


By the new conception the parcel post intended to achieve a massive increase in productivity. Basis for the optimized process chain was built by the network of 5 sorting centers CH-Daillens, Härkingen, Frauenfeld, with the support of the existing centers in Zurich and Berne.

Logistics solution

The Gilgen Logistics was assigned for the parcel conveying system mecom® 5800. The modern conveying system uses the advantages of a compact process oriented construction and permits optimal operating procedures. The systems with a sorting capacity of 34’000 parcels per hour are characterized by easy maintenance and gently processing of the goods.

Movie Parcel Center

Sortieranlagen Paketzentrum Schweizerische Post Layout

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