Combi conveying system for roll containers and pallets

Imbach Logistik AG, CH-Schachen

The Imbach Logistik AG in CH-Schachen is an efficient and multifunctional transport and logistics enterprise. Among the important services count the cargo by road and/or train and the warehouse management. Since 2003 the Imbach Logistik is joining to the modern transport system of Switzerland, the cargo domicile network.


With the construction of the logistic center in the headquarters in Schachen, the processes in the warehouse operation should be placed on the most modern technical standards. Parallel to the construction of the new logistics center a new overall concept for warehouse logistics was developed. The aim of this concept – an efficient use of the logistic center to serve the customers in an optimal way.

Logistics solution

The storage system, consisting of 10’000 pallet places with an integrated railway hall, is used to distribute the goods within 24 hours in whole Switzerland. The fully automatic pallet and roll container conveying system, for which the Gilgen Logistics was assigned, with an integrated elevator and a stretching machine, corresponds to the slogan of Imbach „Today store – Tomorrow deliver“.

All commissioning tasks are implemented paperless. This is possible by the use of bar code technology, scanners, touch screens as well as mobile data recording equipments.

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