Conveying system for roll containers and loose mail items

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PostMail, the letter service of the Swiss Post, is responsible for the collection, sorting and delivery of letters and newspapers. PostMail handles some 15 million items of mail every day.


With the project REMA (Reorganization Mail Processing), the new concept for its letter centres, the Swiss Post is taking advantage of the new technical opportunities in the letter market to cut costs and lay the logistical and technical foundations for new services. The REMA project is one of the Post Office’s most important projects.

The first of three mail sorting centres (Zürich-Mülligen) started operation in autumn 2007. The other two centres (Härkingen and Eclépens) and further sub-centres started operation in 2008.

Logistics solution

Gilgen Logistics AG was appointed by the Swiss Post Office to supply the conveyor technology for roll containers and the conveyor technology for loose mail items together with the appropriate controlling concept.

Roll containers full of letter trays are delivered by road or rail and loaded onto the conveyor system by hand in the inbound area. The system then works fully automatically until the mail is delivered to the picking area.

Inbound sacks and pallets with newspaper bundles are received at loading ramps and conveyed to different processing areas. Scanners identify mail sacks and bundles when they are placed on the conveyor.

Rollbehälter Transport Briefzentrum Schweizerische Post

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