High bay storage system and pallet conveying system

Elco AG, CH-Brugg

Elco AG, based in CH-Brugg, specializes in the manufacture of envelopes, stationery, paper and packaging materials. With a production capacity with up to ten million envelopes and direct mailings per day, the Elco AG is one of the most important companies in the area “envelopes & direct marketing".


During the start up of the building in 1991, four aisles of the high-bay warehouse were operated with one automatic stacker crane (plus a manual stacker crane). In the meantime the production capacity of Elco AG has significantly risen. Every day up to 80-100 tons of paper is processed and up to 10 million envelopes and blocks is delivered; resulting a handling of approximately 800 pallets per day. To keep pace with this development, it was essential to adapt the logistics to the current and future requirements.

Logistics solution

After several extensions and modifications, the Gilgen Logistics was assigned for the new extension of high bay storage system and modification of the production. The high bay storage system was extended with one stacker crane and actually operates with five fully automatic stacker cranes. The storage building was extended up to 75 m with a capacity of 8’000 pallet places. The dispatch area is expanded with 3 commissioning work places, a stretcher in the outbound area, a pallet conveyor system in the incoming area and the connection to the production.

The extension of the storage system results a high efficiency in the material handling of Elco. The finished goods are professionally stored and are delivered just in time within 24 hours to each place in Switzerland. 

Automatisches Lager Elco AG Layout

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