Modernisation of stacker cranes and pallet conveyor system

Steinfels-Swiss, CH-Winterthur

Established in 1832 as a soap factory, today the Steinfels-Swiss is an innovative manufacturer and a leading full service provider of custom private labels for washing and cleaning products as well as personal care products and cosmetics. The company (Division of Coop Cooperative) develop and produce exclusively in Switzerland.


In the past, the availability of the system was in danger of sinking. The maintenance and repairing no longer sufficed to reduce the interruptions due to faults and defects on the measure of a new plant. Steinfels-Swiss therefore opted for the modernization of the drive and positioning systems, the control and safety technology of the three stacker cranes, including the pallet conveyor system and the replacement of the material flow computer (MFC).

Important objectives:

  • Improving the system availability
  • Low susceptibility to interference and less maintenance
  • Increasing the operational safety
  • Movement optimization and avoidance of changeover and waiting times
  • Ensuring the availability of spare parts and the support for min. 10 years
  • Predictable maintenance costs
  • Use of standard components for drive and control technology

Logistics solution

The mechanical components of the stacker cranes and the pallet conveyor system were mostly in good condition and could be kept in operation after the maintenance. Except the bad conditions of the guidance rails and the wheels of the three stacker cranes; they had to be replaces. The drive systems of the three stacker cranes axes were also still in DC technology, the DC motor controller were discontinued. The switchboards of the stacker cranes included a lot of obsolete components had to be urgently brought on a safety and modern state; the hardware and software had to be renewed.

The positioning of the X- and Y-axis was dissolved mechanically and was no longer state-of- the-art. The positioning systems that interact together with the new AC drives, had to be replaced by modern electronic instrumentation. The existing concept of the control of the stacker cranes via a data concentrator (DAKO) was no longer needed; a new PC-based MFC was necessary to replace the old MFC and DAKO.

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