Fast, flexible and efficient automated small-sparts warehouse

Overview Gilgen Stacker Cranes

Stacker crane for small parts
KTL 50
Stacker crane for small parts

KTL 250

Advantages of the system

  • Mobility, functionality and economic efficiency for transporting packaging and for storage
  • Fast and precise access to inventory, improvement of the overview of inventory and inventory security
  • Speed when travelling: up to 6 m/s, and when lifting up to 2 m/s acceleration / deceleration to 2 m/s2
  • Short approach dimensions
  • Single- , double- or multiple-deep storage for increasing picking and inventory turnover performance
  • Flexible load-carrying, carousel with up to 10 loading aids simultaneously
  • Low overall weight
  • Vulkollan track wheels make for less flexing work, lower energy requirement
  • Frictional drive system, optimum efficiency, high energy efficiency
  • All elements to be serviced are at the bottom of the device
Conveying system for trays and cardboards

Stabilo International GmbH, D-Weissenburg

Schwan-Stabilo is totally dedicated to the world of pens. Since its beginnings in the year 1865, the former Schwan-Bleistift-Fabrik (lead pencil factory) has grown into a globally successful corporate group which is the market leader for writing utensils in many countries.


In mid-2008, the company began planning to expand and optimise the warehouse and order-picking systems in the distribution centre. This became necessary due to drastic changes in ordering behaviour, such as growth in fast-moving articles in small delivery lots.

Logistics solution

Gilgen Logistics AG was commissioned to optimise the existing conveying and warehouse systems and to supply the new conveying system for containers and cardboard boxes including the control system, two automated small-part stacker cranes and the shelf system. Maintenance of all of these systems is also handled by Gilgen Logistics.

When designing the solution, care was taken to keep the routing arrangement (1,200 load carriers / hour) and interfloor connections for the conveying system as simple as possible. As a result, the smallest cardboard box (L/W/H: 225x155x215 mm with a weight of 100 g) can be transported on the conveying system without any transport aid.

The floors are interconnected by means of a paternoster lift. The order picking is executed via 340 picking channels, fed directly from the aisle of the small-part warehouse, and a two-level pick-by-light system.

Kleinteilelager Stabilo International Layout

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