Fast, flexible and efficient automated small-sparts warehouse

Overview Gilgen Stacker Cranes

Stacker crane for small parts
KTL 50
Stacker crane for small parts

KTL 250

Advantages of the system

  • Mobility, functionality and economic efficiency for transporting packaging and for storage
  • Fast and precise access to inventory, improvement of the overview of inventory and inventory security
  • Speed when travelling: up to 6 m/s, and when lifting up to 2 m/s acceleration / deceleration to 2 m/s2
  • Short approach dimensions
  • Single- , double- or multiple-deep storage for increasing picking and inventory turnover performance
  • Flexible load-carrying, carousel with up to 10 loading aids simultaneously
  • Low overall weight
  • Vulkollan track wheels make for less flexing work, lower energy requirement
  • Frictional drive system, optimum efficiency, high energy efficiency
  • All elements to be serviced are at the bottom of the device
Small-parts storage system with tray conveyor system and pallet lift

AVESCO Schweiz AG, CH-Langenthal

As a company that attaches great importance to innovation and top-class Quality, Avesco AG works with products that indisputably lead the field in the world market. Whether CAT in the construction machinery and energy systems segments, Sandvik in the structural engineering area, Ammann in the plant area or Yale in the materials handling segment.


Avesco has conducted a feasibility study with a view to concentrating its parts logistics on the basement floor using state-of-the-art engineering and organizational solutions to bring about synergies and make the best possible use of resources.

Logistics solution

Gilgen Logistics was entrusted with the automated spare parts storage system, including two stacker cranes, warehouse management system and the automatical tray conveyor system, which contains three working stations.

The small parts storage system is equipped with two stacker cranes. Double-depth storage is employed. A loop and three workstations are provided in the front area of the store for order picking and goods inwards. Once the order has been picked it can be dispatched to packaging via the conveyor system. An express station allows rapid access to individual containers.

The warehouse has a capacity of 14'400 spaces. The warehouse management system deals with the stock management as well as controlling the order picking and goods inwards.

Kleinteilelager Avesco AG Layout

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