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Coop opens largest production site in Pratteln (Switzerland), 17.10.2017

In 2014, the foundation stone was laid in Pratteln for the largest and most modern production site of Coop. After three years of construction, the work is done.

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Major Contract for the Coop Project LoBOS in Pratteln

Coop, a leading food retail group in Switzerland, is building a production centre (LoBOS Pratteln + Halba) on the Salina Raurica grounds with some 78,000 m². Coop contracted Gilgen Logistics for an automatic pallet high-bay storage facility as part of a consolidation of three production plants under one roof (divisions: Chocolat Halba, Sunray and Cave).

The high-bay storage facility contains eight twin-mast storage and retrieval devices with a double load-handling device for interim storage of over 41,000 pallets. Among other things, Gilgen is installing an automatic pallet conveyor system, which connects the three production plants to one another. In addition, it is integrating an automatic buffer system for interim storage of approx. 2,200 roll containers with direct access to a railway hall and a transshipment area in the incoming and outgoing goods Areas.

The whole logistics facility was designed with high redundancy of material flows, which means that all shipments can be rerouted over the facility in emergency cases. Complete maintenance of the intra-logistics systems, which was also contracted to this logistics specialist, can be done during ongoing operations at the normal working hours. Step-by-step commissioning of the new production centre is scheduled for 2016/2017.

The Gilgen team is pleased about this success: “This fantastic contract gives us security for the future, and we can create one of the largest logistics projects in Switzerland of the next few years. This gives us a chance to be able to build, as a general contractor, other modern facilities as recommendations for large high-bay storage units,” says René Holzer, CEO of Gilgen Logistics AG.
You can follow the progress of this building on the Website of Sunray.