News - Live Demo - Machine Maintenance with AR-Reality Remote Support

Use for training / repair / maintenance

Fast turnaround in returns logistics

Take a look a our newly developed container stacker / destacker enables optimal single-variety unstacking of different stackings for a fast turnaround in returns logistics. An industrial camera vision system detects the stack structure fully automatically and passes all relevant data on to the controller, which thus controls the conveying process. In confined spaces, high performance, constant performance and high precision can be achieved.

Machine Maintenance with Augmented Reality Remote Support

Experience the practical demonstration with our own Hololens application. The mixed reality glasses allow the user to view the newly developed conveyor element as an interactive 3D projection. The visual support and the display of interactive content with comprehensible instructions and checklists, which the support specialist can display to the technician or system operator in his field of vision, will result in a high increase of user-friendliness and a quick problem solving. For illustration purposes, high-resolution 3D graphics are projected onto the intralogistics system exactly where the measures have to be carried out.

If you are interested - we would be happy to show you the exhibition facility with a live demo at the headquarters in Oberwangen. Feel free to contact us!