Heiniger Kabel AG, CH-Avenches

For the new construction of the new logistics center for the storage and cutting of cables, Gilgen Logistics was commissioned. The high-bay warehouse with 4 stacker cranes will have more than 10'000 pallet spaces.

Automated high-bay warehouse with pallet conveyor technology

Heiniger Kabel AG covers the business fields of installation cables, industrial cables and cable assemblies.

Founded in 1918 with 12 employees, Heiniger Kabel AG is today one of the leading Swiss cable provider and employs about 100 people.

As part of the expansion of the logistics, Heiniger Kabel AG plans to build a new logistic centre for the storage and cutting of cables.

Gilgen Logistics is assigned for the automated high-bay warehouse with 4 stacker cranes (aisle changeable) and space for around 10’000 pallets.

The order includes the systems control as well as the entire pallet conveyor system, which combines the areas of incoming and outgoing goods, order picking, connection to the cutting machines and the connection to the heavy larges bobbins.

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