Cold storage warehouses and conveying systems

Frozen food has become a trend: today consumers buy increasingly convenience food or other frozen foods such as fish, vegetables and baked goods in the supermarket. Manufacturers and retailers have to adapt their structures and capacities continuously to this development. Even products from the chemical, pharmaceutical and health sector are kept because of their characteristics at certain temperatures during the entire supply chain.

Our conveying and storage systems are ideally suited for the automated storage and transport of temperature-controlled goods. The particular challenges associated with the distribution and storage of frozen goods are taken into consideration in all project phases. In the realisation phase as well in the implementing phase of the high-bay warehouse and corresponding conveyor technology the extreme temperature requirements will be taken into account.


Further product information

Medien Center / Download Systems for temperature-controlled goods

Conveying systems for trays, unit loads & cardboard boxes mecom®

The conveying systems mecom® effectively implements logistics solutions for both simple and complex material flows. Modularly structured elements transport, sort, distribute, stack, store and pick the goods to be conveyed, in each case guaranteeing process-oriented execution.

Conveying systems for pallets

Our pallet conveying system provides logistics solutions for simple and complex material flows. Whether horizontal or vertical, these systems transport pallets up to 1,500 kg.

Automatic pallet warehouse / high-bay storage systems / stacker cranes

These standardised storage and stacker cranes are functional and economically efficient. Whether single- or double-masted, aisle-bound or aisle switchable version; the ideal device is available for any application.

Small parts storage units

Our automatic small-parts devices for storing various sizes of containers and trays are available to you for different performance requirements.

Cold storage systems


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