News - Migros Aare, Schönbühl

Gilgen receives big contract for Migros 2030 logistics platform

Migros Aare, the largest of the ten Migros cooperatives, is expanding its logistics platform.


The distribution centre in Schönbühl is reaching the limits of its capacity. Logistical bottlenecks can be expected from 2020. The need for additional space is becoming particularly acute for order picking of refrigerated products and returns logistics.

The returns logistics building will be expanded by 800 square metres, with two stories added. The current package sorting system will be replaced by a new system for automated package sorting and removal of recyclable fractions, such as PET, carboard, plastic packaging and debris.

The intralogistics specialist Gilgen Logistics was picked for the job of realising the new plant, with automated package sorting system and pallet conveyor system, including management, material flow computer and visualization.

All return goods, including packaging, will be transported from the stores back to the centre of operations in Schönbühl by refrigerated lorries. Once there, the goods will be sorted, and the fully automated conveyor system will take them to the correct site for reuse or disposal. The plant will process up to 7000 pallets of reusable bindings and recyclable fractions per day.


Gilgen is delighted about the award of this large contract, which the company can fulfil practically in its own front yard, as René Holzer, CEO at Gilgen Logistics, pointed out. In addition to realising the intralogistics, Gilgen’s customer service will be supporting the plant with full maintenance services for one year.

As of the second quarter of 2018, the first building work is already underway. The plant will continue to operate during the reconstruction phase, which will last about two years.